Thursday, 19 August 2022

We invite you to celebrate our wedding

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We're Getting Married

With all due respect.
We invite you to attend our wedding :

Lesti Kejora DA

The Daughter of Mr. Syaiful Bachri and
Mrs. Marwiyah Idris

- With -

Rizky Billar

The Son of Mr. Musrianto and Mrs. Masriah

Love Story

First Meet

From our first meeting and becoming a couple since 2015


and finally we are getting Married on 2022. After our 7 years journey we are commit to start a new chapter and become one..

Our Special Day

Live Streaming

Thursday, 19 August 2022

Lesti & Rizky

Invite you to join at the celebration
of our marriage

Akad Nikah

Thursday, 19 August 2022

At 10.00 A.M

Swiss-Belboutique Yogyakarta

Resepsi Pernikahan

Thursday, 19 August 2022

At 11.00 A.M

Swiss-Belboutique Yogyakarta

We ask for blessings
so that our marriage process can be blessed
by Allah SWT.


Wedding Gift

Your blessing is very meaningful gift for us.
If a gift is an expression of your love,
you can give us a cashless gifts.

Account Number

a/n Leslar

Account Number

a/n Leslar

"Among His signs: He created for you spouses of your kind, so that you may find tranquility in them. And He planted among you love and compassion. In this are signs for thinkers."

QS. Ar-Rum : 21


Say Something

Best Prayers and Wishes

Lesti & Rizky

We thank you for your presence and blessing.

Protokol kesehatan

Wash Your Hand

Wear Mask

Social Distancing

Lesti & Billar
To Mr/ Mrs